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"We are just a light joke"
Medardo Rosso

Nada y Todo. Omaggio a San Juan de la Cruz Dante Ferretti / Oliviero Rainaldi

4 july - 30 september 2014, Tempietto del Bramante, Accademia di Spagna a Roma - curated by Otello Lottini

Le seduzione del monocromo. Riflessioni contemporanee su Mattia Preti

28 Novembre – 30 Dicembre 2013 - Vertigo Centro Internazionale di ricerca per la Cultura e le Arti Visive Contemporanee, Cosenza

Aquae, La Biennale di Venezia, 55. Esposizione Internazionale d'Arte, Eventi Collaterali

30 may - 24 november 2013 - VIU University, Isola di San Servolo

Opere della collezione permanente

12 october 2013 - 12 january 2014 - CAMUSAC, Cassino Museo Arte Contemporanea - curated by Bruno Corà


16 April 2013 - Ex Sala Capitolare, Avvocatura dello Stato - Rome


© Manuela Giusto

Oliviero Rainaldi

Oliviero Rainaldi currently lives and works in Rome. He was born in Caramanico Terme in 1956. He studied at the Venice Academy of Fine Arts alongside painter Emilio Vedova and at the Aquila Academy of Fine Arts with Fabio Mauri. Between 1998-1999 he extended his personal interest for the connection between Art and Liturgy, attending the biennium of studies at the Theological Institut of Sant' Anselmo and also a three year course of Theology for Laici in Rome. Since 1976, the work of Rainaldi has focused on the human figure, through an exploration of drawings, paintings and sculptures. In the nineties he began to create compositions of a hidden narrative character. He switched to portraying isolated figures, depicted through linear signage in perfect simplicity. He allowed bodies or fragments of bodies to exist simply through their fine and subtle connections with the archaic and medieval cultures. Such works include the series Gisant (1990), Battesimi Umani (1992), Caduti (1993), or the more recent Santo (2000), Conversazioni (2001) and Vergini (2006). In 2007 he presented at the Sale del Mappamondo and at the Appartamento Barbo of Palazzo Venezia in Rome a major exhibition of works from 1988 to 2006. Always in Rome, in 2010 he presented The Nature of Things (La Natura delle Cose), an exhibition of sculptures with water in the gardens of Villa Aldobrandini. In 2011, the same show was moved to the National Museum of Villa Pisani (VE). Important personal exhibitions have also been held at the Foundation Staurós in San Gabriele (TE) (1999) and at the Gallery of Modern Art of Bologna (2003). Since 2000, Rainaldi has worked on various ecclesiastical commissions, creating the liturgical furnishings for churches in Rome, Terni, Prato and Warsaw. During the Jubilee of 2000, the Pope John Paul II awarded him the title of ‘Academic’ of the Pontifical Academy of Fine Arts and Letters of the Virtuosi of Pantheon. Between 2007 and 2010, he created sculptures-awards on commission dedicated to the issues of peace, human rights and culture, including: Alberto Sordi award (2009 to 2012); award for the peace San Francesco d'Assisi, Comunità S. Egidio, Rome / Assisi (2006 to 2008); award for San Valentino per l'impegno per la pace, Robert F. Kennedy Foundation of Europe (2008); 8o World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates, Campidoglio, Rome (2007); La Scienza per l'Uomo award, University Campus Biomedico, Rome (2007); Anima award, Unione degli Industriali e delle imprese, Rome (2010). In 2010 Rainaldi was awarded the European Personality Prize in Campidoglio, Rome. His works have been shown in various museums in Italy and abroad, including: GAM, Rome (1990); Otis Parson, Los Angeles (1991); Schirn Kunstalle, Frankfurt (1993); Polk Museum, Florida (1996); Museum Beelden Aan Zee, Scheveningen (2000); Museum of Modern Art Rupertinum, Salzburg (2000); Museum National Jakarta, Indonesia (2001); Mücsarnok Kunstalle, Budapest (2002); Tokyo Design Genter, Gotanda (2004); Byzantine and Christian Museum, Athens (2006); Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park di Grand Rapids, Michigan (2006); MASP - São Paulo Museum of Art, São Paulo (2008); National Museum of Fine Arts, Buenos Aires (2008); Museum José Luis Cuevas, Mexico City (2009); Expò, Shanghai (2010); Blickachsen 8, Bad Homburg e Frankfurt (2011); His works can also be seen in the collections of important national and international public institutions, including: Battesimi Umani, seat of the Nobel prize, Municipality Palace, Stockholm (1995); Battesimi Umani, Palace of ONU, Geneva (1998); Engagement, MACRO, Rome (2000); La déjeuner sur le blanc, MAMbo, Bologna (2003); The Collection of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Rome; Conversazioni, Piazza del Cinquecento, Rome (2011-2012); Santo, The Pontifical Council for Culture, Vatican City (2012); Antigone, Avvocatura dello Stato, Rome (2013);


Neptune in the Wind